En:Close Protection and family.


 The common way ,from a future threat ,is to put the principal family in danger or to blackmail the VIP with family harming if the request’s are not compiled.

Annually more than 100.000 threat’s (phone ,mail ,directly) are made to the director’s, Company Board Commission Members ,political or show biz personalities with the only target – the family of the principal.

It’s not enough just to protect the principal. Anything and anyone important to the.. protectee is at risk. That’s why ECPC has created a special program for At Risk Families. When we analyze your bodyguard needs, we’ll ask about your family as well. Where do your kids go to school? Do they live with you? Is that full time or part time? Is it predictable, or on a shared basis agreed upon as needs change? Can that predictability be changed? Maybe you can’t change your kids’ school in order to get your family close protection, but their schools can be observed, their routes can be varied, other variable can be introduced, and if necessary they can be

accompanied. This may be obvious and visible, or it may be undercover, based on the threat profile.Family CPO

It can be difficult enough to find a trustworthy bodyguard for yourself. Sometimes you’re not the only one at risk. In any number of situations, you might find that whatever is threatening you is a threat to your family. This may be direct, as a way to get at you, or it may be indirect, where the threat doesn’t pay much mind to the concept of “collateral damage.”

ECPC, based on years of experience in the camp understands that there are multiple avenues to reach someone and multiple threats to counter. We also understand that families are often at risk. When we create a comprehensive bodyguard plan for you, we will ascertain what the needs of your family and others close to you may be, and ensure that they’re protected as well.

What is a threat profile? Most people in the bodyguard business take about thirty seconds to create a threat profile. What it boils down to is reviewing what’s threatening you and how to counter it. Thirty seconds is not enough. Taking the information you provide is not enough, on its own. Not only do we discuss what you believe your needs and threats to be, but we also investigate using that information as a starting point. This gives us the ability to anticipate threats before they become actual dangers to you and your family. Providing Close Protection Service is about knowing what’s coming before the threat itself is aware quite what it’s planning. Think about how different history would be if Timothy McVeigh(death convicted for bomb assassination) had been met at the rental truck dealer and asked a few friendly questions. No bomb would have been built, no lives would have been lost. Close protection intelligence is as important as close protection action. Secret Service experience makes us simply the best in the business in bodyguard intelligence and family protection information gathering.




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