En:How hiring an unqualified security guard is bad for your business?

NOW firmly believes that it is unethical to supply unqualified security guards while trying to maximize profits. We take a long term approach to our customer base. We believe that a solid roster of returning customers and a reputation for integrity make our business great. Therefore, we strive to provide security guards for homes and businesses that aspire to the highest standard. Hiring an unqualified security guard can be bad and detrimental for your business and can make your liability insurance skyrocket. We all have images in our heads of the unqualified security guard as played by Charlie Chaplin. The scene shows a totally bumbling and incompetent security officer who is disorganized and frantic and who seems to run around at full speed waving a baton wildly but seldom accomplishing anything. If anything, the bad guy frequently gets away and the security officer is seen as a terribly pathetic chump. While we can laugh at those old movies because in the end no one really gets hurt, a similar scenario would now be fraught with all kinds of legal trouble. A business owner cannot afford to hire unqualified guards because his reputation will suffer and people may stop frequenting his establishment. Clearly that will not be a laughing matter.

What are some instances where unqualified security guards have undermined a security situation?

Let’s look at a concrete example of how an unqualified security guard can be bad for your business. Let’s suppose you have a business in a mall and have hired security for the store and entrance. A criminal syndicate has been targeting mothers who have young children with them. The mother’s purses disappear when they are distracted by their babies. Such a customer notices her purse has gone missing and that she suspects someone so she asks the security guard on hand and he completely ignores her request. This allows the thief to vanish and for the customer to be left upset that nothing was done to stop the thief. This sort of event plays out more frequently then you would think, but best practices are not always followed in the security industry. Other examples of gross negligence have been much more serious. During the terrorist attack at the mall in Kenya, unqualified security guards simply abandoned their posts at the first sign of trouble thereby abandoning the customers to violence and mayhem.

What could go wrong when an under-qualified security guard?

While we may smile and laugh at the videos and bloopers of untrained guards that are abound on YouTube we have to realize that having unqualified security around causes a general deterioration of things and in some cases can result in an altogether negative result. The whole point of having security is to have a presence that is constantly vigilant even as you relax and go about your business. Hiring untrained guards can result damage that far exceeds the original threat. Our guards are trained to very high standards and we stand by their competence and readiness. Recent Black Friday events have shown that when businesses do not adequately control operations, customers can get into a free for all. While customers fought each other, in one instance even knifing the other person, not one security guard was around.

Save your business from such an incompetent image.


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