En:What is Executive Protection?

 Security is priceless, as is success and the warmth of your loved ones. An efficient security agency can ensure VIPs and high net worth families enjoy these so they can focus on their life and work.

What Executive Protection Security Is All About

  Executive protection security involves not only protecting mission-bound executives from danger, but doing everything necessary to make their mission a success be it a business proposal or plan, top secret government mission, or a promotional event. In ensuring that things function like clockwork, executive protection security by a reliable security agency enables the executive to rest assured that he is safe, not only from danger, but also from things going wrong
Executive protection is the provision of specialized security agents, specialists or professionals to protect corporate executives, VIPs, celebrities and some political or religious dignitaries. It is a security program designed around the lifestyle, family and environment of the individual being protected. It means anticipating, preparing and planning for any contingency that would place the person being protected in a life-threatening position or situation. It is not a job of confrontation but rather a planned response to an unavoidable situation. The object is to deter an attack or avoid any confrontation rather than exposing the person being protected to danger. The core essence is to remove the client from harm’s way! While man guarding involved the provision of security guards to ensure the safety of lives and properties within a given private or public premises. Close personal protection or executive protection involves the personal protection of one life by another human. It involves the use of highly trained security specialists who put themselves in danger for the safety and security of one person. To paint the picture more clearly, think about the U.S. Secret Service agents protecting the president of America! The focus is on one person rather than on a particular premises. The focus is on protecting the life of the individual rather than protecting individual’s property. The focus is on keeping the individual alive at all cost even at the expense of the security personnel. Of all forms of human security, close personal protection or executive protection is at the top of this form of security. Their role is to bring together all available security measures to secure the life of the individual being protected. These include security surveys (residential, business and travel); advance planning, preparation and implementation; psychological and physical concerns of the protected; adapting to changing and variable circumstances; electronic and technological eavesdropping; environmental security engineering; threat assessment; defensive tactics and many more.


 Executive Protection Is NOT Body guarding!


It is commonly known as body guarding, but it is far MORE than body guarding. Executive protection or close personal protection requires more skills and professionalism other than MUSCLES. Executive protection is more about brains than muscles. It is about security intelligence rather than physical fitness. The term bodyguard is used to describe a hefty looking person often found at club houses as bouncers. This is NOT what executive protection or close personal protection entails.   The differences between a bodyguard and a close personal protection agent are in education, training and skills. A bodyguard relies more on size, combative skills and intimidation (muscle power) while a close personal protection agent relies more planning, anticipation and preparedness (brain power).


      On Guard All the Time

An efficient security agency would not wait for things to go wrong, but anticipate what could go wrong in every possible way and from every angle and ensure the client works accordingly without straining himself or compromising efficiency. The executive protection officer would take care of the ‘adjustments’ comprehensively and ensure that the client would never have to compromise anything. This is important since a VIP on the lookout for danger and behaving likewise would send the wrong signals – it would also make it quite easy for enemies to target him.


What Constitutes Executive Protection
Executive protection is all about making life as smooth as possible for the executive and also making it appear smooth from the outside. No one, including his enemies, would ever know that beneath the surface the VIP’s executive protection security service is plugging in all the loopholes and even laying a trap for the foes should they dare to plan adversity.
Executive protection security involves assessing risks in a particular location and developing risk mitigation tools. It would involve bodyguard services within the nation and abroad, an advance team, emergency response team, global protective services, continuity planning, etc. All this and more constitute the comprehensive service list of an experienced and reputable security company.
Make sure to get the best when it comes to executive protection security, since at stake are your security and success.



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