En: ICT security

Every organization needs to implement and manage its IT infrastructure in accordance to industry standards to reduce their business risks and also comply with the stipulated regulations. It is however wrong to think that IT compliance is about technology.


Data Backup is a program of file duplication. Backups of data applications are necessary so that they can be recovered in case of an emergency.

Depending on the importance of the information, daily, weekly or biweekly backups from a hard disk can be performed.



Cryptography is a process of hiding information by altering the actual information into different representation, for example, an APA can be

written as I? X.

Almost all cryptosystems depend on a key such as a

password like the numbers or a phrase that can be used to encrypt or decrypt a message.

The traditional type of cryptosystem used on a computer network is called a symmetric secret key system.


An antivirus program protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in the computer memory, on

storage media or incoming e-mail files.

An antivirus program scans for programs that attempt to modify the boot program, the operating system and other programs that normally are read from but not modified.


If an antivirus program identifies an infected file, it attempts to remove its virus, worm or Trojan horse. If the antivirus program cannot remove the infection, it often quarantines the infected file. Quarantine is a separate

area of a hard disk that holds the infected file until the infection can be removed. This step ensures other files will not become infected. Patents for inventions utility, design or plant patents that protect inventions and improvements to existing inventions


Spyware is a program placed on a computer without the user’s knowledge. It secretly collects information about the user.

The spyware program communicates information to

the outside source.

An anti-spyware application program sometime called tracking software or a spybot is used to remove spyware.

Among of the popular anti-spyware programs are:

  • Spybot Search and Destroy

  • Ad-aware

  • Spyware Blaster


Firewall is a piece of hardware or software which functions in a networked environment to prevent some communications forbidden by the security policy.

Firewall implements a security policy. It might permit limited access from in or outside the network perimeters or from certain user or for certain activities.


Human aspects refer to the user and also the intruder of a computer system,or the unqualify personel who works with important data and braking the Privacy rules

It is one of the hardest aspects to give protection to.

 The most common problem is the lack of achieving a good information security procedure


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