En: CPO and the VIP

 When working with certain high net worth individuals one of the issues that trainee CPOs, especially those coming from the military, often struggle with is that of “flexible” timings.The concept of having a meeting, appointment or dinner reservation booked and not being at least 5 minutes early for it goes against the grain for most of us. However when working with people who live in the rarefied stratosphere that vast wealth brings, arriving late for dinner just isn’t a problem… Continue reading


En:Close Protection and family.


 The common way ,from a future threat ,is to put the principal family in danger or to blackmail the VIP with family harming if the request’s are not compiled.

Annually more than 100.000 threat’s (phone ,mail ,directly) are made to the director’s, Company Board Commission Members ,political or show biz personalities with the only target – the family of the principal.

It’s not enough just to protect the principal. Anything and anyone important to the.. Continue reading

En: Maritime Security

If we look at some of the statistics and statements produced by the major organisations operating within the HRA (High Risk Area) of Somali based piracy, you get a feeling of not only the size of the problem but also how little the international community can do and how alone you and the rest of the merchant shipping industry must feel:

Continue reading

En:Links between private security companies and public police(European territory)


Links between PSCs and public police can be problematic for various reasons. A first reason for is the conflict of interests that can be found in the accumulation of public-private jobs by PSC and police employees. In an attempt to avoid this type of conflict, various EU states have adopted legislation restricting the undue accumulation of activities. For example, in Belgium, Greece and Portugal, PSCs are not permitted to be involved in arms Continue reading

En: Training of private security personnel

Standardisation of pre-assignment training, certification requirements, and in- service training, is necessary. Industry minimum standards in terms of selection, training, and supervision of security personnel should be identified and enforced in order to increase the professionalism of the sector generally.

Topics that may be addressed in basic training include, the role of security officers and their legal Continue reading

En: Armored vehicles

Armored vehicles offer flexibility and options for travelers that conventional vehicles do not. Operational experience suggests business travelers employ low-profile vehicles – not up-armored Chevy Suburbans that they would look comfortable in. Unfortunately this warnings doesn’t direct readers to a source for these vehicles or provide advice about what you should look for when renting an Continue reading

It: Private Security Industry e Italia

Negli ultimi decenni numerose nazioni hanno sperimentato un progressi- vo indebolimento del tradizionale monopolio statale sull’uso della forza. Questo fenomeno, che si è manifestato in tutta la sua evidenza a partire dalla fine della Guerra Fredda, ha tratto nuova linfa dalla natura asimme- trica dei conflitti contemporanei. All’interno Continue reading

En: Training VS Real life

The training is the mother of perfection-true,but not the experience maker,this are two different subject’s that can be separated thru a huge line.

Self defense training – training session is a good opportunity to improve your quality ,your personal skill ,reflexes in any martial art style or just a base self- defense training. The Instructor has a huge Continue reading

New Partnership ECPC & USS

                                                       About Urban Survival Systems®

Urban Survival Systems® is a community dedicated to exploring and educating people in the reality of streetfighting.U.S.S.® was formed 15 years ago by personnel protection specialist and fighter Edward Wong. People in the field of security, law enforcement, military and street fighting make up U.S.S.® .We are group run by people who had years of street experience and, not by theoretical application of traditional martial arts. Hardcore training and being open minded to Continue reading

En: South Africa Private Security

The security industry is bigger than what it has ever been in South Africa. There are nearly 9,000 companies and 400,000 registered active private security guards. According to Wikipedia and other sources that’s more than the police and army combined.

I think the growth in the industry is definitely attributed to facts like weak policing or maybe ineffective policing, and it created the opportunity for Continue reading