En:About firearms regulation on European territory for Private Security Company.

This subject is was a debate during a Radio Talk show where we were invited as a special guest.In additionaly i will review the Eu convention that reglement’s this particulary subject ,plus the personal data protection reg. for PSC :

Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data

The above-mentioned convention is of particular importance to the governance of private security activities. This is because it attempts to provide minimum standards on the automatic processing of personal data, which is one of the main concerns in relation to the infringement of the right to privacy. In particular Continue reading


En: ICT security

Every organization needs to implement and manage its IT infrastructure in accordance to industry standards to reduce their business risks and also comply with the stipulated regulations. It is however wrong to think that IT compliance is about technology. Continue reading

En: What to or not to wear as CPO

According the SIA a CPO should wear “clothing suitable for the task and commensurate with the principal”

It can’t be stated enough how important the second part of that statement is. In general you are going to be walking alongside (and slightly behind) someone who is at the top,or certainly very near the top, level of society. The venues they frequent, the people they meet and the events they attend will usually be of the very highest quality and the person who has to accompany them (you) must Continue reading