En:Close Protection Officer Quality

Going to join the close protection campor you think.Good.

Not only will you need to think about this career choice as a whole, but you also have to think about what type of bodyguard you are going to be. You could start as a door supervisor and move to a security guard, but if you want the most out of your career choice, then you need to work in close protection.

Close protection does have its challenges. You will be in charge of protecting some of the most important people on the planet. It is not unusual to work for movie stars, sports stars, Continue reading


En: Do you need a bodyguard?

Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise, because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.

There are three definitions you will need to understand when it comes to bodyguards.

The Principal: This is the person or people who are being protected by the bodyguards.

The Bodyguard: This is the person protecting the Principal. Continue reading

En:Close Protection and Bodyguards – Real Facts


Bodyguards often work long shifts in order to provide 24-hour protection, and shifts often include evenings, weekends, and holidays. Since bodyguards follow their clients throughout their daily activities, the work locations may range from indoor office meetings or social events to outdoor rallies or concerts. Bodyguards often have to travel by car, train, and airplane to escort their client. Continue reading

10 Tips for Bodyguards Involved in Touring


During my last week full program and clients request out of the country , i will like to share with you some tips .Follow this unwritten rules and you will be a veritable and respected Close Protection Officer.

1.Learn the value of a durable suitcase and a portable steamer. If you are on the road for any duration of time, your suitcase is going to take a beating. Additionally, unless you are a seasoned packer, Continue reading

En:Are they vacations for bodyguards?

Some say they want to do Close Protection Officer , however if you come into this industry thinking you will be working from 9 to 5 you may be in for a bit of a culture shock. If you think being a bodyguard is glamorous, you might want to do your research and get a clear picture of the continued investment of time and energy that going into protecting clients.

    For example here’s a snapshot from last week:Wednesday: Protection Assignment strating from 12 pm end time 4am, Continue reading

En:What is a Bodyguard?

Executive-Security-Services-company-12-875x1024 copyPhysical Defense and Personal Protection is one of the “Natural Rights” of Mankind, and has a long history. Personal Self Defense and Life Protection in today’s society follows this tradition; that the Right to Defend Life and Limb is an “Absolute Right” which “every Human Being is entitled to enjoy.” Roy Maia, July 7, 1984. Continue reading


training SiaInternational executive protection – close protection – bodyguard licenses are subjects we are being asked about all the time and I want to put things straight.

There are numerous companies claiming to offer international close protection – executive protection – bodyguard licenses or official certification- there are no such things! Continue reading

It: Che facciamo noi

EcpcLa nostra agenzia  si occupa di tutte le attività che riguardano i servizi di sicurezza per le persone, il nostro ambito operativo spazia su diversi settori ma siamo specializzati per i diversi settori professionali, quali la sicurezza privata e la protezione ravvicinata.

Principalmente ci occupiamo della sicurezza privata delle persone sia in ambiente privato e domestico che in ambiente pubblico, garantendo la sicurezza in eventi, manifestazioni, locali pubblici,fieste private,transporti speciali tutto questo grazie alla professionalità ed esperienza maturata in anni di attività sul campo dai nostri operatori e guardie del corpo. Continue reading