En: Ukraine travel advise.

Russian Aggression and the Ukraine

The deposition of Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in February proved a critical turning point in Russia’s relations with Ukraine. No longer would Russia rely on the influence of pro-Russian factions within Ukraine; instead, Moscow would start to exercise its military power. This new view led directly to the annexation of Crimea in March 2014. However, some analysts believe that Russian aggression… Continue reading


En:How hiring an unqualified security guard is bad for your business?

NOW firmly believes that it is unethical to supply unqualified security guards while trying to maximize profits. We take a long term approach to our customer base. We believe that a solid roster of returning customers and a reputation for integrity make our business great. Therefore, we strive to provide security guards for homes and businesses that aspire to the highest standard. Hiring an unqualified security guard can be bad and detrimental for your business and can make your liability insurance skyrocket. We all have images in our heads of the unqualified security guard as played by Charlie Chaplin Continue reading

En: Possible roles and tasks of private security companies in European Community

PSCs offer a great variety of services in CoE member States, which can be divided into the following six categories. In nearly all states, PSCs offer the protection of sites and buildings, including nuclear plants (e.g., in Germany and Romania), military installations (e.g., Austria, Estonia and Germany), airports (e.g., Austria, Germany, Romania, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, France, and Albania), ports Continue reading


If you are looking for a career in Close Protection security then there are many differences between working in the UK, to working abroad or in hostile environments.

To work in Europe or the UK as a Close Protection Security Officer, you must have certain licenses and certifications given by authorised training providers. In some cases, you can get credit for training and skills you have learned as a policeman or member of the military. In fact, many of the close protection Continue reading

EN:Use of firearms by private security personnel


The importance of securing strict regulation concerning the possession and use of firearms is evident. Indeed, firearms are ‘tools of violence’ which, in the wrong hands, may have severe consequences. It is important therefore to encourage the registration of the weapons at the company level, but also to the individual responsible, so as to maintain a trace of who each weapon belongs to Continue reading

En:Technology and Close Protection

Since technology make the entrance in any field ,in this days it is require the latest tech in help of achievements and transform a good rezult into the best

  In the Close Protection Area (more specific) modern technology advances so too does it’s uses, but it’s important to realise that technology should be no substitute for knowledge. The apps I am about to list won’t tell you how to write up a risk assessment or client profile and they won’t tell you how to do your job on even a basic level. What they will do however, is assist you in certain Continue reading

En: Rental Car Agency VS Close Protection

There’s a lot of agency’s\company’s with car rental\driver claiming to provide Executive Protection services. While we’re not going to name them lest someone be conned into thinking they’re buying executive protection, the name of the business involves cars rentals, of all things. They have one blurb talking about their protection services, and the rest of the business is dedicated to limo\car rentals with driver SO A TAXI SERVICE-NOT A CLOSE PROTECTION. Continue reading

EN:Private Security Regulation: the European Level


European Union

No harmonisation of legislation concerning the private security industry at the European level has yet taken place. UNI-Europa and the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) promote minimum requirements at the European level, and have achieved the signature of several joint opinions on aspects such as licensing and vocational training. A code of conduct for the private security sector has also been signed, with the objective of raising standards and guaranteeing a high level of professional ethics in this sector across the European Union. Nevertheless, at present national regulations differ from one country to another and reflect the different cultural environments.

Continue reading

En:Links between private security companies and public police(European territory)


Links between PSCs and public police can be problematic for various reasons. A first reason for is the conflict of interests that can be found in the accumulation of public-private jobs by PSC and police employees. In an attempt to avoid this type of conflict, various EU states have adopted legislation restricting the undue accumulation of activities. For example, in Belgium, Greece and Portugal, PSCs are not permitted to be involved in arms Continue reading