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About Sector CP

Sector C.P have a global footprint.  Our experienced teams have conducted operations across the globe and we have handlers in the remotest of locations.          

                           SECTOR C.P provides executive protection service to help ensure the security of important executives, especially when they are travelling to unfamiliar countries, working on projects, or attending events where they may attract unwanted attention.



En:Close Protection Officer Quality

Going to join the close protection campor you think.Good.

Not only will you need to think about this career choice as a whole, but you also have to think about what type of bodyguard you are going to be. You could start as a door supervisor and move to a security guard, but if you want the most out of your career choice, then you need to work in close protection.

Close protection does have its challenges. You will be in charge of protecting some of the most important people on the planet. It is not unusual to work for movie stars, sports stars, Continue reading

En: What to or not to wear as CPO

According the SIA a CPO should wear “clothing suitable for the task and commensurate with the principal”

It can’t be stated enough how important the second part of that statement is. In general you are going to be walking alongside (and slightly behind) someone who is at the top,or certainly very near the top, level of society. The venues they frequent, the people they meet and the events they attend will usually be of the very highest quality and the person who has to accompany them (you) must Continue reading


If you are looking for a career in Close Protection security then there are many differences between working in the UK, to working abroad or in hostile environments.

To work in Europe or the UK as a Close Protection Security Officer, you must have certain licenses and certifications given by authorised training providers. In some cases, you can get credit for training and skills you have learned as a policeman or member of the military. In fact, many of the close protection Continue reading

En: Do you need a bodyguard?

Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise, because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.

There are three definitions you will need to understand when it comes to bodyguards.

The Principal: This is the person or people who are being protected by the bodyguards.

The Bodyguard: This is the person protecting the Principal. Continue reading

What makes a good close protection training provider?

You will need to start by finding a close protection training provider. All providers should be listed on the main SIA(UK) Government Website.

The second step is to check whether or not they have a Close Protection (CP) course coming up or even, if they still run CP courses. You will see a lot of certified companies that CAN run courses.. Continue reading

En:Close Protection and family.


 The common way ,from a future threat ,is to put the principal family in danger or to blackmail the VIP with family harming if the request’s are not compiled.

Annually more than 100.000 threat’s (phone ,mail ,directly) are made to the director’s, Company Board Commission Members ,political or show biz personalities with the only target – the family of the principal.

It’s not enough just to protect the principal. Anything and anyone important to the.. Continue reading

En: The expansion of Private Security


The origins of private security can be traced in the UK back to the 17th Century where a growing concern for the increasing levels of crime in London caused officials to offer rewards for the capture of thieves. The men that stepped forward were known as “Thief-takers” and would receive a reward for capturing suspected thieves. Corruption soon set in within this group of men when they started to also encouraged thieving to increase their profits. By doing so they were able to claim a reward Continue reading

En:Bodyguard protection

st-cv08461-1 copyAlthough most commonly associated with members of police officer SWAT teams, bulletproof vests are worn by patrol officers, private security, and by anyone needing protection from being shot. Also called ballistic vests, the first modern bulletproof vests were developed in the 1960s for the military, with police first using them in 1969, a year after the development of the first SWAT team. If you’re planning to buy a bulletproof vest for your personal protection, Continue reading