En:How hiring an unqualified security guard is bad for your business?

NOW firmly believes that it is unethical to supply unqualified security guards while trying to maximize profits. We take a long term approach to our customer base. We believe that a solid roster of returning customers and a reputation for integrity make our business great. Therefore, we strive to provide security guards for homes and businesses that aspire to the highest standard. Hiring an unqualified security guard can be bad and detrimental for your business and can make your liability insurance skyrocket. We all have images in our heads of the unqualified security guard as played by Charlie Chaplin Continue reading


En:Technology and Close Protection

Since technology make the entrance in any field ,in this days it is require the latest tech in help of achievements and transform a good rezult into the best

  In the Close Protection Area (more specific) modern technology advances so too does it’s uses, but it’s important to realise that technology should be no substitute for knowledge. The apps I am about to list won’t tell you how to write up a risk assessment or client profile and they won’t tell you how to do your job on even a basic level. What they will do however, is assist you in certain Continue reading

What makes a good close protection training provider?

You will need to start by finding a close protection training provider. All providers should be listed on the main SIA(UK) Government Website.

The second step is to check whether or not they have a Close Protection (CP) course coming up or even, if they still run CP courses. You will see a lot of certified companies that CAN run courses.. Continue reading

En:Working as a Close Protection Operative – CPO

Working as a Close Protection Operative or otherwise known as a CPO will often include the protection of high profile clients, increased global travel and an introduction to some of the finest things money can buy. It is a fast paced environment that is often associated with “not what you know but who you know”.  Continue reading

En: Security on Private event’s

The option of having security on private event’s, is held by the organizer of the event. The criteria on what security company\agency will handle, maintain and secure the area of the event is more than just company background and name.

The organizer of the event should pay attention of some detail’s reguarding the chosen security team in the right proportionality with the guests social, political ,or show biz position.

I was having a discussion with one of my close friend –a.. Continue reading

En: Maritime Security

If we look at some of the statistics and statements produced by the major organisations operating within the HRA (High Risk Area) of Somali based piracy, you get a feeling of not only the size of the problem but also how little the international community can do and how alone you and the rest of the merchant shipping industry must feel:

Continue reading

En:Links between private security companies and public police(European territory)


Links between PSCs and public police can be problematic for various reasons. A first reason for is the conflict of interests that can be found in the accumulation of public-private jobs by PSC and police employees. In an attempt to avoid this type of conflict, various EU states have adopted legislation restricting the undue accumulation of activities. For example, in Belgium, Greece and Portugal, PSCs are not permitted to be involved in arms Continue reading

En: Training of private security personnel

Standardisation of pre-assignment training, certification requirements, and in- service training, is necessary. Industry minimum standards in terms of selection, training, and supervision of security personnel should be identified and enforced in order to increase the professionalism of the sector generally.

Topics that may be addressed in basic training include, the role of security officers and their legal Continue reading

En: Armored vehicles

Armored vehicles offer flexibility and options for travelers that conventional vehicles do not. Operational experience suggests business travelers employ low-profile vehicles – not up-armored Chevy Suburbans that they would look comfortable in. Unfortunately this warnings doesn’t direct readers to a source for these vehicles or provide advice about what you should look for when renting an Continue reading

It: Private Security Industry e Italia

Negli ultimi decenni numerose nazioni hanno sperimentato un progressi- vo indebolimento del tradizionale monopolio statale sull’uso della forza. Questo fenomeno, che si è manifestato in tutta la sua evidenza a partire dalla fine della Guerra Fredda, ha tratto nuova linfa dalla natura asimme- trica dei conflitti contemporanei. All’interno Continue reading