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About Sifu Maurizio di Bonifacio Owner of Tao Chi .
SIFU Maurizio Di Bonifacio is the technical director and founder of the Amateur Sports Tao Chi “The Way of Energy”, the only seat in Rome of the School. Work in the field of martial arts and combat sports from about 24 years.
Experience:Director of Kung Fu School ,,Tao Chi’’ in China and Thailand; Founder of ,,Tao Chi in Rome Italy;Classes of:,,Traditional Chines Medicine’’, ,,Body Psichology’’ , ,,Crostalloterapia’’ ;Owner of ,,Tao Chi School’’ ; 4th place in International Championship from Shangai-2009;3th place in World Championship of Kung Fu-2013.

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En: What to or not to wear as CPO

According the SIA a CPO should wear “clothing suitable for the task and commensurate with the principal”

It can’t be stated enough how important the second part of that statement is. In general you are going to be walking alongside (and slightly behind) someone who is at the top,or certainly very near the top, level of society. The venues they frequent, the people they meet and the events they attend will usually be of the very highest quality and the person who has to accompany them (you) must Continue reading

En:What is Executive Protection?

 Security is priceless, as is success and the warmth of your loved ones. An efficient security agency can ensure VIPs and high net worth families enjoy these so they can focus on their life and work.

What Executive Protection Security Is All About

  Executive protection security involves not only protecting mission-bound executives from danger, but doing everything necessary to make their mission a success be it a business proposal or plan, top secret government mission, or a promotional event. In ensuring that things function like clockwork, executive protection security by a Continue reading

En: Do you need a bodyguard?

Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise, because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.

There are three definitions you will need to understand when it comes to bodyguards.

The Principal: This is the person or people who are being protected by the bodyguards.

The Bodyguard: This is the person protecting the Principal. Continue reading