En:What is Executive Protection?

 Security is priceless, as is success and the warmth of your loved ones. An efficient security agency can ensure VIPs and high net worth families enjoy these so they can focus on their life and work.

What Executive Protection Security Is All About

  Executive protection security involves not only protecting mission-bound executives from danger, but doing everything necessary to make their mission a success be it a business proposal or plan, top secret government mission, or a promotional event. In ensuring that things function like clockwork, executive protection security by a Continue reading


En: South Africa Private Security

The security industry is bigger than what it has ever been in South Africa. There are nearly 9,000 companies and 400,000 registered active private security guards. According to Wikipedia and other sources that’s more than the police and army combined.

I think the growth in the industry is definitely attributed to facts like weak policing or maybe ineffective policing, and it created the opportunity for Continue reading