En:How hiring an unqualified security guard is bad for your business?

NOW firmly believes that it is unethical to supply unqualified security guards while trying to maximize profits. We take a long term approach to our customer base. We believe that a solid roster of returning customers and a reputation for integrity make our business great. Therefore, we strive to provide security guards for homes and businesses that aspire to the highest standard. Hiring an unqualified security guard can be bad and detrimental for your business and can make your liability insurance skyrocket. We all have images in our heads of the unqualified security guard as played by Charlie Chaplin Continue reading


En:What is a Bodyguard?

Executive-Security-Services-company-12-875x1024 copyPhysical Defense and Personal Protection is one of the “Natural Rights” of Mankind, and has a long history. Personal Self Defense and Life Protection in today’s society follows this tradition; that the Right to Defend Life and Limb is an “Absolute Right” which “every Human Being is entitled to enjoy.” Roy Maia, July 7, 1984. Continue reading


training SiaInternational executive protection – close protection – bodyguard licenses are subjects we are being asked about all the time and I want to put things straight.

There are numerous companies claiming to offer international close protection – executive protection – bodyguard licenses or official certification- there are no such things! Continue reading